Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Hate A Certain Person Because...

Yeah, I hate you because...

1) "CO-norrrr, Oh My God!"
2) "Yuh Yuh Yuh"
3) She won't let Mike McNenney date her sister.
4) She stole a job from me.
5) She didn't take us to get whopped that one time.
6) She's below me in society's standards. (even though i enjoy this quality, it still makes me hate her even more, as i do with every characteristic she attains)
7) She talks out of the side of her mouth.
8) Her feet.
9) Darla Tortita is slow and no match for the superior Frontier or Millenium Falcon.
10) Every...thing... about her.

I Hate You Because...

I Hate You Because..
1) I hate your disgusting face. I truly have to clench my stomach and bend over to refrain from upchucking at immediate sight of you.
2) I hate all people to some point. Those closest to me understand that at some points, I do indeed hate them.
3) You are reading my blog, and I hate those who go reading blogs all the time.
4) I hate everyone in my media class, and you are most likely in that class, you degenerate loser.
5) You probably have outgrown the power rangers. If you're not with us, you're against us.
6) You're a disgusting sack of chemicals. You are full of nerves and any emotion you feel is merely just a chemical and nervous reaction. You suck.
7) You're obnoxious. I don't care who you are, you get obnoxious sometimes, I know it.
8) I'm now actually puking at the thought of your face.
9) If you're still reading, I really truly hate you, more than the average joe.
10) You are the lowest of low. I know that you come accross liek you're confident in yourself, but me and you both know how you really feel. The truth is though, you should feel bad about yourself. You are indeed an outcast and will be that way until the glorious day of your last breath.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Hate McDonalds Beacause..

I Hate McDonalds Beacause..
1) Their hamburgers are too greasy.
2) Cheese on their cheeseburgers is undercooked.
3) The Big Mac is a stupid name.
4) Gettin Mac'd sounds stupid, but gettin Whopped1 sounds like a fantastic event that you need to get in on.
5) Ronald McDonald is a big fruit, I hate him and truly wish he is in a bad place right now.
6) No one messes with the King.
7) They never get my orders right.
8) Theyre theme songs make me want to hurt someone.
9) Their fries are overated and melt in your hands.
10) You probably eat at McDonalds, you loser, I hate you.

I Hate January Because...

I Hate January Because..
1) It's usually cold and the holiday hype is over.
2) The mets are no longer on television.
3) Knowing the Jets, they aren't on television either.
4) Many shows are on a break and are running reruns.
5) Midterm week is in January, meaning terrible grades to hang on the fridge for everyone to look at.
6) There are no good breaks from school, besides midterm week which i would rather take the week of school than take 5 long grueling tests that count 1-6 of my year end grade.
7) It's a new year and everyone is trying out their corny new years resolutions that we know will die out by February. That includes you too, you fat, overweight, middle aged housewives. Don't bother you fat slob, you'll always be a fat waste.
8) Gary Ljungquist's birthday is in January.
9) It is the beginning of another year i have to spend with people i hate, like you.
10) I don't like the way January sounds. It's almost as bad as March or September.

Friday, January 5, 2007

I Hate Everything For Ten Reasons

Amost everything in this pothetic world we live in, I hate. I am in no way emo or depressed. I live life happily in the suburban town of Brewster, New York. I'm keen on the female gender and the New York Mets. People do, though, piss me off to the extent that i wanna take my shoe off and shove it down their throat (I have actually done this on several occasions). Every post I will list 10 reasons why I hate something. If you happen to be offended by this blog in any way, please contact me somehow to let me know; I will personally cut the brakes in your car. I sincerely hate you and I hope you enjoy...

10 Things I Hate About the Yankees

I hate the New York Yankees for these ten reasons...

1) George Steinbrenner is fat and greedy and I wait every second for that degenerate moron's death.

2) The average Yankee fan is a short, incredibly obese, Italian-American loser who has big pit stains.

3) Their fans are usually ignorant to baseball statistics and only possibly 50 percent could tell you how many world series the franchise has won.

4) They're players are overpayed cry babies and their only respectable players are Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams.

5) "The Curse of The Bambino" haunted every Red Sox fan until 2004, and the Boston Red Sox are superior to the Yankees in the sweetness scale.

6) I hate you alot, take a look at your life you disgusting waste of life.

7) Alex Rodrigeuz is overpayed and blown the past two postseasons. The worst part is he's still there...God, I hate them.

8) Roger Clemens threw a bat in the 2000 World Series at Mike Piazza because steroids were bursting out of his insane mind. Steinbrenner then disciplined him by praising him in a press conference. That's America's team for you.

9) Their uniforms suck, and yankee stadium is a poor crumble of crap.

10) I hate you for reading this, get out and get a girlfriend, or boyfriend if you ride on that side of the mountain.